The First Step in The USA

On 29 March 2017, I entered the USA with Marriage visa CR1. I was super excited to fly to my wife’s country and decide to live with her there. My first step it was in Newark airport in New Jersey. Everything was different, people, language, infrastructure, cars, weather, even air… everything is different.   JustContinue reading “The First Step in The USA”

You Want to Visit Morocco?

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel south of Morocco, but with the help of my husband I can help you get to all the best places. If you are traveling from Spain, Italy, or France it seems the best option to Morocco would be to take a ferry to Ceuta because boats are moreContinue reading “You Want to Visit Morocco?”

How I started learning English?!

I never dreamed I would speak English very well in my life. I like Spanish so much. I have family living in Ceuta city in Spain and their language is Spanish.  When I was I kid I visited them all the time and I spent my time with them, especially on vacation. I would stayContinue reading “How I started learning English?!”

The Philosophical Reality of Moving to Morocco

The title should really say, “the reality of moving to another country, reverting to Islam, getting married, and becoming pregnant.” It’s a mouthful to say, read, and comprehend, so we’ll keep the focus of this article to some of my big take-backs from living here in Morocco. This is life, right? Difficult to “figure out”Continue reading “The Philosophical Reality of Moving to Morocco”