Breastfeeding From a Dads Perspective

I was wishing for my wife to be able to breastfeed and my wish succeeded. She’s breastfeeding and she’s almost to finish two years. Before I got married I had no experience with the challenge of breastfeeding. Getting married and deciding to have a baby is the greatest decision you do with your partner andContinue reading “Breastfeeding From a Dads Perspective”

My Birth Story in Tangier, Morocco

I wanted to have a “natural” birth, but aren’t all births technically natural? I think that’s a topic for a whole other blog post, but overall, in my opinion, birth is very very 100% natural regardless of how exactly the baby exits the body and enters into the world. In summary, I didn’t want toContinue reading “My Birth Story in Tangier, Morocco”

The Power of Asking for Help

Alhamdulillah! Zouhair and I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to a fantastic baby doctor, OB/GYN through the use of social media. is a website I registered with to speak with other expats and read forums to learn more about the country of Morocco through the experiences of other Morocco-based expats. I came acrossContinue reading “The Power of Asking for Help”

Family Announcement

Baby banana is coming soon and we are so excited to hug him! We went to a market (Souk) and we bought Bananas. When we came back home we found an adorably tiny baby banana inside and decided it was the right time to make a  picture to tell everyone this big news. We are running outContinue reading “Family Announcement”

Our First Pregnancy Doctor Experience in Morocco

In America, if you’re looking for a new doctor, you either go to Google, call your insurance provider for a recommendation, or consult family and friends for a referral. After you’ve found your prospective physician you then proceed to call the doctors office, a nurse answers, and you schedule an appointment. You usually get aContinue reading “Our First Pregnancy Doctor Experience in Morocco”