Filling I-751 Form To Remove Conditions

We finally submitted our I-751 Application to Remove Conditions! We used to think getting a Visa to live in a foreign country was the first and last step, but that is not the case. Our particular experience with a spouse Visa is that after 2 years we need to apply to remove the 2-year conditional residency

My Story: Medical Exam For US Visa I-130 / K1

Start counting down for your visa interview day when you receive a letter from NVC telling you about it. What of the most important things you have to do is get you medical folder done up to a month before your interview day and that’s exactly what I did. Let share with you my experienceContinue reading “My Story: Medical Exam For US Visa I-130 / K1”

[CR1] My Interview Experience in Casablanca Embassy [I-130]

After a long wait for almost one year from the time when we applied for I-130 visa, we felt so happy when we received an email from NVC telling us the interview date that would be at the US Embassy in Casablanca. The NVC step wasn’t long, comparing it to USCIS which lasted for moreContinue reading “[CR1] My Interview Experience in Casablanca Embassy [I-130]”

I-130 Packet: Cover Letter Example

April 25, 2016 USCIS P.O. Box 804625 Chicago, IL 60680-4107 Subject: I-130 Petition for [SPOUSE’S NAME] Dear Sir/Madam: I, [NAME], a citizen of the United States, would like to file a petition I-130 for my spouse, [SPOUSE’S NAME]. Please find enclosed the following required and supporting documents: Completed and signed for G-1145 Completed and signedContinue reading “I-130 Packet: Cover Letter Example”

I-130 Packet: Bona Fide Evidence Example

You must include in your I-130 packet evidence that your relationship with your foreign spouse is legitimate. In order to do so include things such as photos together, video chat logs, phone call logs, social media interaction, tickets from visits to each other, receipts from you wedding rings, shared lease, shared accounts, etc. We personallyContinue reading “I-130 Packet: Bona Fide Evidence Example”

USCIS: Our I-130 Packet

This is simply our specific steps for filing our I-130 Spouse visa packet. The steps and specific processes might change based on your specific situation and time of application.   The Visa Forms: Step 1: Download -> I-130, Petition for Alien Relative as well as the Instructions pdf Step 2: Download -> 2 copies (one for the petitioner, one for the beneficiary)Continue reading “USCIS: Our I-130 Packet”