My Story: Medical Exam For US Visa I-130 / K1

Start counting down for your visa interview day when you receive a letter from NVC telling you about it. What of the most important things you have to do is get you medical folder done up to a month before your interview day and that’s exactly what I did. Let share with you my experienceContinue reading “My Story: Medical Exam For US Visa I-130 / K1”

How to Apply for a Family Book in Morocco?

What is a family book and why does Morocco use it ?? We will have a baby boy soon Insha Allah and we didn’t know exactly when and where the baby will be born. In case the visa is delayed we made our decision to apply for the Moroccan family book. The process seems complicatedContinue reading “How to Apply for a Family Book in Morocco?”

How We Met: #Instagram

When you imagine or dream of your future husband or wife, most of us have an idea in our mind as to how he/she will be. In my case, I imagined more of the personality traits that characterized my love more than anything else. Realistically, I assumed my future husband would be close by inContinue reading “How We Met: #Instagram”